I am presenting at PlatformCon 2022

Stefan Kolesnikowicz
1 min readApr 25, 2022

Running through the 6 with documentation woes — improving the developer experience

Do you wonder if your engineers enjoy the internal tooling they use every day? Do you struggle with keeping developer technical documentation appealing and relevant? Achievers are in the business of employee success and the developer experience is very important to them. With over 10 years of out-of-date documentation piling up, and engineers constantly getting lost, the Developer Experience team knew they had to do something. In this talk, Stefan Kolesnikowicz will discuss how a small group improved Achievers engineering culture through automation and tooling.

His talk will cover how to:

  • Improve documentation quality by introducing automation tooling
  • Gain meaningful feedback from users of internal tooling
  • Improve the overall developer experience by applying documentation best practises


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